Technology and safety

Enjoy your adventures in complete safety and take on the road in all conditions with the new Fiat 500X

Traffic Sign Recognition

Using a camera installed on the windscreen, the system recognises the main road signs and speed limits making the respective icons appear on the instrument panel and tells you if you are going too fast.

Intelligent Speed Assist

Maintain your current speed with the Traffic Sign Recognition system and Intelligent Speed Assist. With just one click you can adjust the speed limit to that which the Traffic Sign Recognition system detects.

Lane Assist

If the car moves out of its lane without you activating the indicator, alerts will flash and sound to help bring the drift to your attention so you immediately correct it.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Forget having to adjust your speed all the time. With Adaptive Cruise Control, select a speed and 500X will hold it and adapt it according to the vehicle ahead of you.

Blind Spot Detection

With 500X, blind spots are no longer a problem because the system checks for other vehicles in the most critical areas and warns you of their presence by means of lights on the door mirrors.

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